2019-04-16 15:26 Chen Kang

Pengcheng Wang (王鹏程) won the Xi'an Cherry Blossom 2019 with an average of 8.61 seconds. Mulun Yin (阴目仑) finished second (8.67 seconds) and Jiazhou Li (李佳洲) finished third (8.77 seconds).
Full results are on the Cubing China page.
Asia records: Jiazhou Li (李佳洲) 2x2x2 Cube 1.25 seconds (average).
China records: Xuming Wang (王旭明) 5x5x5 Cube 47.29 seconds (single), Xuming Wang (王旭明) 5x5x5 Cube 51.94 seconds (average).