2019-09-03 11:20 Ming Zheng

WeChat Pay can now be used as a payment method for registration fee. After submitting the registration, you can choose either 'Alipay' or 'Wechat Pay' to make the payment and then finish the registration.

We hope the introduction of Wechat Pay could facilitate the procedure of on-line registration. And we are planning to implement more new ways of online payment for oversea competitors in the future.

2019-08-31 21:59 Tianyu Zhao

It is with great pleasure that we announce the winning candidates to host the upcoming continental championships in 2020:
WCA Asian Championship 2020 will be held on August 27-30, 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
WCA European Championship 2020 will be held on July 16-19, 2020 in Almere, Netherlands.
WCA North American Championship 2020 will be held on June 25-28, 2020 in Toronto, Canada.

All dates and locations are tentative until the competitions are announced on the WCA website.

The decision for WCA Oceanian Championship 2020 has been deferred.

There were no applications for continental championships in Africa or South America and thus no continental championships will be held in these continents in 2020.

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2019-08-30 22:14 Tianyu Zhao

The WCA Ethics Committee (WEC) is seeking new members to help them with their mission! The applications are open to everyone; it’s not a requirement to hold a current position in the WCA to be considered.

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