2015-08-03 00:27 Baiqiang Dong

Jiayu Wang (王佳宇) won the Shantou Open 2015 with an average of 8.23 seconds. Kailong Li (李开隆) finished second (9.54 seconds) and Weixing Zhang (张炜星) finished third (10.08 seconds).
Full results are on the Cubing China page.
China records: Zijia Feng (冯子甲) Rubik's Clock 5.20 seconds (single), Zijia Feng (冯子甲) Rubik's Clock 6.41 seconds (average), Weixing Zhang (张炜星) 4x4 Cube 32.81 seconds (average).
Hong Kong records: Mok Man Kit (莫文傑) Rubik's Clock 10.83 seconds (single).