2020-11-04 22:13 Tianyu Zhao

We are happy to announce that Cape Town will be hosting the upcoming WCA African Continental Championship in 2022.

An additional thank you to the applicants from Cairo, Egypt for their submission for the African Continental Championship 2022. You can view the application documents for the Continental Championships here.

The decision to host the WCA South American Championship 2022 has been deferred.

Lastly, a reminder that the WCA Oceania Championship 2022 will have an application period from March 1st to May 31st, 2021 in line with the World Championship 2023 application period.

2020-11-01 15:13 Tianyu Zhao

The WCA Advisory Council (WAC) is seeking new members to assist the council.

The application is open to all WCA members.

What is the WAC and what do they do?

The biggest task of the WAC is to be an intermediary between the community and the WCA Staff - to give the community a voice when important topics are being discussed. The Community Representatives are a vital part of that process. More information about the main functions of the WAC can be found here: WCA Motion 20.2019.01

The council has 2 sub-teams - Community Representatives and WCA Representatives. This announcement is for Community Representatives, who make up the majority of the council and are not members of WCA Staff, meaning that anyone except WCA Staff can apply. If you have never held a formal position in the WCA before, this an exciting opportunity to contribute towards making the WCA even better!

Current key projects of the council involve moderation and management of the forum and developing channels to gather community feedback useful for the WCA.

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2020-10-22 20:31 Tianyu Zhao

There will be an appointment of a new WCA Disciplinary Committee (WDC) Leader, as Lorenzo Vigani Poli's term is ending as the Leader of the Committee. We would like to thank Lorenzo for the work he has done in this position.

Candidates are expected to fulfill their terms (24 months) and to spend at least 4-6 hours per week on average to work for the Committee. The qualities expected of candidates are:

  • Secrecy
  • Objective thinking
  • Fairness
  • Thoroughness

The application period for candidates to submit their candidacy documents is from now until November 23rd, 2020, 23:59 UTC. Interested candidates can send the application privately to the WCA Board (board@worldcubeassociation.org).

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2020-10-14 18:23 Tianyu Zhao

The WCA Competition Announcement Team (WCAT) is seeking new members! Applications are open to everyone, and community members not currently holding a WCA position are encouraged to apply.

The daily tasks of a WCAT member include:
* Reviewing and announcing competition submissions with accuracy and correctness.
* Handling change requests to competitions.
* Debating and voting with the rest of the Team.

The official rights and duties of the WCAT are documented in WCA Motion 10.2020.2. Please note that the expected workload is around 1 to 1.5 hours per day.

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