Changde Open 2019

Tianyuan Neighbourhood Square, Intersection of Renmin Road and Linjiang Road, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan
Fan Li
3x3x3 Cube, 2x2x2 Cube, 4x4x4 Cube, Pyraminx, Skewb, Funny Event
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Events Now
2019-06-08 00:00:00
Base Entry Fee  35
3x3x3 Cube  +5
2x2x2 Cube  +5
4x4x4 Cube  +5
Pyraminx  +5
Skewb  +5
Funny Event  +0
Limited Number of Competitor
Registration Ending Time
2019-06-08 00:00:00
About the Competition

About the game

1. Official QQ group: 834573133
Organizer contact: li fan QQ: 1824626469 tel: 18229691856

 Luo xiayan QQ:2386588815    tel:18073913226
Gong yipeng QQ: 785567434
Registration staff will contact the organizer

2.  Group

This competition has set up the women's group, new group, children's group. The children's group is limited to young players under the age of 12 (date of birth after June 8, 2007). In the preliminary competition of the third stage, six contestants from each group will be selected before the preliminary competition for the final competition, and the top three of each group will be awarded certificates and prizes. The women's group is required to be female contestants, with the first three places in the preliminary round. Newcomers are required to be players who have not participated in WCA events. If there are less than three applicants, the group will be cancelled.

3.Fun projects

Worried you can't play rubik's cube? Don't worry, the interesting project of this competition is specially opened for you. The content of the competition is about recovery, and the score is average for three times.

4. The organizers
Hunan university of arts and science, the magic cube club

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