Dalian Winter Children's and University Rubik's Cube Open 2020-Regulations

1. Players in this competition must abide by the WCA competition rules.

2. The only way to register for this competition is through the online registration of cubechina.com. Players must register on the coarse cake website.

3. The information of this competition is based on the latest updated information of Coco.com, please continue to pay attention to the information of this competition.

4. The competition organizer does not provide the Rubik's Cube for the players. Please bring your own Rubik's Cube to participate in the project.

5. On the day of the competition, the players must follow the order of the competition arranged by the organizer and maintain the order of the competition.

6. Please ask the contestants for lunch. If you have any questions, please contact the organizer.

7. The number of applicants is limited to 60.

8. The children's group competitions in this competition are based on the preliminary results.

9. Please register the identity information accurately for a contestant. If the organizer suspects that the identity of the contestant does not match the website information, it can prove the relevant credentials of his identity information.

10. No smoking or littering is allowed on the playing field. Participants are required to keep the playing field clean and keep their belongings well.

11. Participants in the three blinds must bring their own blindfolds.

Children under 12. must be accompanied by an adult family member.

13. Players are advised to arrive at the stadium in advance according to the schedule, such as when the players arrive at the stadium in a certain round of events. The player is considered to have abandoned the round.


Team rules:
1. For all colleges and universities in Dalian, college competitions are based on each school. Each school has a minimum registration of 3 people. Students participating in college competitions must provide student IDs.
2. The college competition adopts the points system, accumulating points, and the schools ranked in the top three points receive prize certificates.
3. How to get points:
3.1 Players who register to participate in this event will get 1 point.
3.2 The top three players in each event can earn points. Champion: 3 points 2nd place: 2 points 3rd place: 1 point
3.3 Team Tournament: The project is a third-order Rubik's cube quick-spinning and adopts the elimination system. Three players from each school are selected by lot. Decide on the order of appearance. Three wins and two wins. Champion: 30 points, runner-up: 20 points, runner-up: 10 points
The final total score is the cumulative number of all points to determine the top three.
15: Fun Project Rules

For the speedometer project (disrupt the four corners of the pyramid cube, open the shielding box by yourself, and restore the timetable. Take the top three fastest ones)
16. The fun items in this competition are averaged three times. Other items are averaged five times.
17. If the contestants have questions about the detailed rules of this competition, they can consult the organizer.

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