Huantai Campus Rubik's Cube Open 2019

Multimedia Room, The Third Floor, Huantai County Library, 1998 Huantai Avenue, Huantai County, Zibo, Shandong
Xiangying Zheng
3x3x3 Cube, 2x2x2 Cube, Pyraminx, Team Event
Entry Fee more
Events 2019-06-02 20:00:00
2019-06-07 20:00:00
Base Entry Fee  40
3x3x3 Cube  +10
2x2x2 Cube  +10
Pyraminx  +10
Team Event  +0
Limited Number of Competitor
Registration Starting Time
2019-06-02 20:00:00
Registration Ending Time
2019-06-07 20:00:00
About the Competition
This competition is sponsored by Huantai Education and Sports Bureau, Huantai Culture and Tourism Bureau, and Huantai Magic Cube Association. The contestants must be youngsters under 16 years old.
In this competition, there are three stages, two stages, pyramid and interesting items, and three stages, pyramid children group (U8 U10 U12).
Players need to show their valid ID card and sub-document (ID card or registered permanent residence) to sign in. They need to verify the real age of the participants to determine their group.
QQ Group: 640152663

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