Lanzhou Autumn 2019-Regulations

WCA Competition
This competition is recognized as an official World Cube Association competition. Therefore, all competitors should be familiar with the WCA regulations.
First, regarding the registration:
1. Registration requires players to register in the China Rubik's Cube. The number of participants in this competition is 90.

2, registration fee: payable registration fee = basic registration fee + sub-project registration fee, the basic registration fee is 50 yuan, the project registration fee is based on each project. Registration will not be accepted after the deadline, and registration will not be accepted at the competition.

3. Please ask the players to pay the registration fee through the online payment function of the rough cake network, and refund 50% of the registration fee.

Second, on the competition:

1. Players can sign in from 8:00 to 8:20 on the day of the competition and cannot be signed by others. Please sign the certificate after signing in. If you lose your entry, please contact the organizer to make a replacement. The reissue fee is 10 yuan.

2. Players are required to enter the competition venue 30 minutes before the start of each project. After each project starts, they will prepare for the competition in the waiting area. If the waiting time for the project has not passed during the race time and the waiting time for the project has passed, the player will be deemed to automatically give up the current round and will no longer be given the opportunity to participate in the round.

3. The description of the reduction time limit and the pass line is as follows. The time limit for restoration: the single reduction of the player exceeds the time limit. The WCA representative and the referee have the right to stop the game and record the DNF. The pass line refers to the player's five restorations. The second time must enter the pass line at least once, otherwise there will be no three chances to restore (the first time the three-time reduction project enters the pass line, there will be two subsequent reduction opportunities);

4, the third-order speed screw awards to open the children group: children group has a total of U8 (born after 2011.06.23), U10 (born after 2009.06.23), U12 (born after 2007.06.23) three groups;

5. Players under the age of 18 must obtain the consent of the parent or guardian to register for the competition. They can be accompanied by their guardians during the competition, but one player can be accompanied by up to two guardians. Other players should try not to bring other accompanying personnel;

6. The awarding of the event requires the attendance of the person to receive the prize (certificate, prize), and others cannot be accepted. Winners who did not attend the award ceremony were deemed to have given up the award

7, the contestants need to bring their own Rubik's Cube, the organizer does not provide Rubik's Cube borrowing. The player must ensure that the Rubik's Cube used meets the requirements of the WCA rules (such as the sticker can not be severely damaged, the number and location of the logo, etc.), and prepare for the competition, otherwise it will be disqualified to participate in the project.

Third, on the behavior of the stadium

1. After entering the arena, please mute your mobile phone, camera and other video and photo capture devices to turn off the flash. Watch the civilization, please don't shout loudly;

2. No organization or individual may distribute materials or publicity materials on the venue without the permission of the organizing organizing committee.

3. Protect the public goods in the venue and surrounding areas, and abide by the rules and regulations of the competition venues;

4. Any political symbols (such as the national flag) are not allowed to appear on the court. Thanks to all the players, the accompanying accompaniment and the audience.

5. If you feel uncomfortable with certain behaviors, you can report it to your WCA representative;

6. Since there are gates in the venue, please be sure to bring your ID card when you enter the competition. Check your identity before entering the arena.

7. Since the competition venue is in the library, there will still be other students studying outside the competition. In order not to interfere with the normal study of other students, please do not turn the Rubik's Cube in other places except the stadium after entering the library. generates noise.

8. About diet: The school library stipulates that students can not bring food, snacks and other foods into the library when they enter the library. Only students are allowed to bring in and out of the water cup. Drinking water and hot water are supplied in the library. Please do not bring food when entering the arena. If you bring a drink, please put it in your bag. There is a security guard at the entrance gate of the library. The security guard will see you carry food when you enter the venue. Please take the food you carry at the front desk. You can take it away after you come out. Therefore, please do not bring food into it.

9. If you have any suggestions or comments on the experience, please feel free to contact us and we will thank you for your help.

Fourth, special instructions
1. For players who have not completed the registration of the competition according to the competition registration requirements, they will not be able to participate in the competition (according to WCA Rules 2c1);
2. For violations of the "On the behavior of the game", the WCA representative may cancel the qualification of the player in the round, the remaining rounds or the whole game (according to WCA rules 2f, 2h, 2k3, 2k4);
3. Players and accompanying personnel shall be responsible for their own safety. The guardian of the minor athlete shall be responsible for the personal safety of the underage player;
4. The organizer of the event has the final right to interpret the rules of the above events.

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