Lanzhou Autumn 2019-Travel

Boya Hall, 5th Floor, Library, Lanzhou City College, No.11, Jiefang Road, Liujiabao Street, Anning District, Lanzhou, Gansu
Travel Info
First, the train

1. Take bus No. 131 from Lanzhou Station (Train Station) to the terminal station Baili Square Station, then take the No. 121 or No. 66 bus and get off at Lanzhou City College Station. After getting off, walk 200 meters to the south. Lanzhou City School entrance;

2. Walk to Lanzhou Railway Station at Lanzhou Railway Station. Take the subway to Lanzhou City College Station and exit at Exit D. After exiting the station, walk 500 meters to the entrance of Lanzhou City College.

Second, high-speed rail

1. After the high-speed train exits, take the subway directly to Lanzhou City College Station, and walk 500 meters from Exit D to the entrance of Lanzhou City College.

2. Take bus No. 88 at Lanzhou West Railway Station (High-speed Railway Station) to the intersection of Anning High-tech Zone. Transfer to Bus No. 18 on the same platform and get off at “Nongda North Gate Station”. After getting off, walk 300 meters to the south. Arrive at the entrance of Lanzhou City School; take a taxi for about 20 yuan;

Third, the car

1. After 734 meters walk at Lanzhou West Bus Station, take bus No. 18 at “Bus Group Station” and get off at the terminal “Gansu Agricultural University Station”. After walking 300 meters to the south, you can reach the entrance of Lanzhou City School. Full ride for about 1 hour;

2. After getting off at the West Bus Station, walk to the “Bus Group” station of the subway station and take the subway to “Lanzhou City College” and get off at the Exit D. You can walk 500 meters to the entrance of Lanzhou City School.

Fourth, the aircraft

1. After taking off at Zhongchuan Airport, take the high-speed train to Lanzhou West Railway Station and then the same high railway line. Nakagawa Airport is far from Lanzhou City. It is recommended that you take the intercity train to Lanzhou West Station and then transfer to the subway. It takes about 160 yuan to take a taxi from the airport to the vicinity of the stadium.

Five, self-driving

1. Lanzhou City College, where the venue is located, allows parking for outside vehicles. You can choose to park in front of the library. The foreign vehicle charging mode is 3+1.

Recommendation: Lanzhou Metro Line 1 connects Lanzhou City College and Lanzhou District, Lanzhou High-speed Railway Station and Railway Station. It is recommended that you prefer the subway as the mode of travel. You will walk about 10 minutes after getting off at the subway station "Lanzhou City College (provincial science and technology museum) station.

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