Luoyang Spring 2020-Regulations

WCA Competition
This competition is recognized as an official World Cube Association competition. Therefore, all competitors should be familiar with the WCA regulations.
1、 About the game
1. Please read the rules carefully before you register. Completing the registration process is deemed as accepting the rules of the competition, knowing the procedures of the competition registration, as well as the incurred competition fees and attendance fees. By default, the players participating in this competition know the WCA rules.
2. The rules are formulated in combination with the actual situation of most WCA competitions in China and the key points in the WCA rules. However, due to the lack of complete WCA rules, it is still recommended that the players carefully read the complete WCA rules and take the original English version as the standard. The simplified Chinese translation is only for reference.
2、 About signing up
1. The registration of the competition shall be completed during the registration period (20:00 on January 16 to 20:00 on February 12). The number of applicants is 150. If the registration is overdue, the registration will not be accepted. On site registration will not be accepted. To sign up, you need to register on the rough cake · China Rubik's Cube: ID query:
2. Mainland Chinese players are required to pay the registration fee through the online payment function of rough cake net. All mainland Chinese players who do not pay through rough cake net are invalid. If you have any other payment problem, please contact the organizer by email.
3. Withdrawal of competitors: competitors can withdraw from the competition within the specified date after registration. The deadline for withdrawal is 20:00 on February 6. After completing the withdrawal, the application fee will be refunded by 50%. The contestants will not be able to apply for this competition again. The time for re registration is 20:00 on February 7.
4. Project supplement: the competitors can complete the project supplement by themselves through the "project supplement" function of rough cake net, and the expenses of project supplement and the possible handling fees in the process shall be borne by the competitors.
Three. Sign in
2. The contestant shall present the original of his / her ID card (ID card, household register, passport, Taiwan identity card and home return card).
3. When you sign in, you will get your entry card. Please keep it properly.
4. The contestants need to wear the entry certificate when they enter the stage. The contestants without the certificate will lose the qualification.
4、 Enter the competition
1. The rest area, waiting area and competition area of the competition can only be entered by wearing the entry certificate of the competition. All competitors and the accompanying personnel of the competition are requested to keep their entry certificate properly after signing in.
2. The admission certificate is a separate mark for the contestants to enter the rest area, waiting area and competition area. One person one card shall not be transferred, and the consequences caused by the transfer shall be borne by the contestants themselves, such as being unable to participate in the competition, etc.
3. Minors under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by one of their guardians or hold the note written by the guardian: "agree XXX to participate in XXX competition, sign XXX, phone XXXX" (show the note when signing in on the competition day)
5、 About the game
1. The competitor must ensure that the magic cube used meets the requirements of WCA rules and is ready to participate in the competition. Otherwise, he / she will be disqualified from participating in the project.
2. Restore time limit: if the player's single restore time exceeds this time limit, when the restore will be recorded as DNF, the referee has the right to suspend the restore.
3. Passing line: refers to the first two times of five times of rejoicing reduction for a contestant must enter the passing line at least once, otherwise there is no chance to restore the last three times (only the first time of three times of restoring items entering the passing line can have the last two opportunities to restore).
4. Players should be self disciplined and respect the game, not loud, do not damage public property, do not affect others. Please mute your mobile phone and turn off the flash of the camera and other devices after entering the arena.
5. Any organization or individual without the permission of the organizer is not allowed to distribute materials, post materials and other publicity activities in the venue. Senior anchors will be invited to live broadcast the whole process of the competition.
6. The contestants need to sign in within the specified time period. They must sign in by themselves and cannot be signed by others.
7. The organizer reserves the right to interpret this competition.

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