Qianjiang Summer Open 2018-Regulations

WCA Competition
This competition is recognized as an official World Cube Association competition. Therefore, all competitors should be familiar with the WCA regulations.
First, about registration
       1. Registration process The competition only accepts online registration and does not accept on-site registration. To register, you need to register at the BAKERY China Cube Game: https://cubingchina.com/register WCA ID: https://cubingchina.com/results/person and enter your name in the name or WCA ID field. The pinyin of the Chinese or the first name followed by the search, click on the search to enter your homepage to find the WCA ID. Registration fee: registration fee payable = basic registration fee + item registration fee, basic registration fee is 49 yuan. The itemized entry fee will be determined according to each item. You can click the schedule to view it. Players in Mainland China must pay registration fees through the online payment function of BBS. Any application for mainland China players who do not pay through BBS will be invalid. For overseas players who are unable to use the Chinese payment system, they can register through the registration system and make cash payment at the time of check-in. For other payment issues, please contact the organizer by email.
      2. Notices The registration time is 2018-6-21 20:00:00 and the deadline is 2018-8-20 20:00:00. Retirement procedures: 2018-07-25 20:00:00 to 2018-08-01 20:00:00 Registered players can apply for a renewal on the registration page. They will be refunded 50% of the registration fee paid, but after retirement Will not be able to register again. Project: During the registration period, the contestant can make up for the project. Please send an e-mail to the host: 3148036991@qq.com. You need to pay the application fee for the project. Please pay the fund directly to the organizer Alipay: 13986939972 (Liu Yuqun) and note the name of the contestant and the supplementary report. After the project registration fee is paid successfully, the application fee will not be refunded if the player does not follow the retirement procedure to apply for the retire. Please register with caution. For mobile client users, because WeChat is blocked by Alipay, please do not open the PayPal payment system in WeChat. Please use the mobile browser to open the cookies and register for payment.

Second, about the game
       1. Sign-in Admission The juvenile player must present his/her valid identity document (Chinese ID card, residence booklet, return card, Taiwanese card or passport) when signing. The player must be checked in by himself and must not be signed by another person. Those who have not signed in will be regarded as giving up the game automatically. After the check-in, please keep your entry card in a safe place. The organizer will not reissue it. If it is lost, you will lose the qualification to participate in the competition or related follow-up projects. If the player cannot arrive at the scene on time due to factors such as train flight, please inform the organizer in advance by e-mail.
       2. Notes for Players Please enter the competition venue 30 minutes before the start of each project. After each project starts, prepare for the competition in the waiting area. The waiting area cannot leave without special reasons. Please pay attention to the on-the-spot match notice. If the match does not reach the waiting area during the match time, and the match time of the item has passed, the player will be deemed to have voluntarily waived this round and will no longer participate in the round of the match. opportunity. When the player uses the equipment to record the restoration process during the competition, the real-time video image needs to be placed outside the line of sight of the player (for example, the screen of the mobile phone faces away from the player), otherwise the restored result will be recorded as DNF. The competitor must ensure that the Rubik's cube used meets the requirements of the WCA rules (eg, the sticker must not be severely damaged, the number and location of the Logo, the Rubik's cube must not be allowed to have a logo, and the Rubik's cube can't be distinguished by touch, etc.). And prepare for the competition, otherwise it will be disqualified from participating in the project. Please participate in blind-twisted players to bring their own eye masks and wear them as blind players. The organizer does not provide blind-sweeping eye mask borrowing. The description of the restoration time limit and the pass line is as follows: Restore time limit: If a player's single restoration time exceeds the time limit, the current restoration will be recorded as DNF, and the referee has the right to suspend the restoration. Pass line: five reduction items (such as the fourth-order speed twisting): Refers to the player's five times before the first time the player must enter the pass line at least once, otherwise there will be no chance to restore the player three times.
       3. Stadium order Please consciously mute your mobile phone after entering the stadium, and turn off the flash of the camera and other devices. Please do not make loud noises. Any organization or individual that has not been approved by the Organizing Committee may not carry out propaganda activities such as distribution of materials, material posting, and live video broadcasting at the venue. Any political symbol (such as the flag) is not allowed on the field. Thanks to all the players and the audience for their cooperation.

      If you have any questions, please contact:

                          13986939972 (Liu Yiqun)

                           13349710988 (Tian Helin) 1072289668@qq.com

P.S. This rule is translated using Google's translation. If there are grammatical errors, please understand.

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