Xiamen Spring 2020-Regulations

WCA Competition
This competition is recognized as an official World Cube Association competition. Therefore, all competitors should be familiar with the WCA regulations.
I. About Registration
1. Competition registration must be completed during the competition registration period. The competition only accepts online registration, not on-site registration;

Registration period: 12:00, January 12, 2020, 12:00, February 8, 2020;

Complementary reporting period: 12:00 on February 1, 2020 to 12:00 on February 8, 2020;

2. Registration requires players to register on the China Rubik's Cube Competition Network (that is, this website);
3. The WCA ID query is completed at https://cubingchina.com/results/person. Everyone enters the Chinese name or Pinyin of the first name and last name in the Result-Player column. After searching, click to enter your homepage. Can be found
4. Registration fee: Registration fee payable = basic registration fee + itemized registration fee. The basic registration fee is 70 yuan; the detailed registration fee is shown in the detailed form;
5. Mainland Chinese players must pay the registration fee through the online payment function of the coarse cake network. Registration of mainland Chinese players who do not pay through the coarse cake network is invalid. For other payment issues, please contact the organizer by mail;
6. Players retire: Players can withdraw from the competition within the specified date after registration. Retirement is 50% of the registration fee. Please pay carefully. Players will not be able to register for the competition again after completing their retirement;

Retirement deadline: January 31, 2020 at 12:00

7. Project supplementary report: The contestants can complete the project supplementary by themselves through the "project supplementary" function of the coarse cake network. The cost of the project supplementary and the processing fee that may occur in the process are borne by the contestant
8. Project changes: This competition does not accept requests to replace or delete items, such as requests to change the fourth-order speed screw to the second-order speed screw. It also does not accept the request of player replacement, for example, the unqualified player B is used to replace the qualified player A;
9. Players under the age of 18 must register with parental consent;
10. The number of participants in this competition is limited to 80.
Sign in
1. Players must sign in within a specified period of time. The player must sign in himself, and no other person can sign for it.
2. The contestant must show the registration success page (check the registration page after logging in to the coarse cake network) (electronic and printed paper versions are available) and the contestant's identity document (identity card, household register, passport, Taiwan compatriot card, Original return card);
3. Non-Chinese mainland players who cannot use Alipay or PayPal to pay the registration fee must pay the registration fee when they sign in;
4. When signing in, the contestant will receive the entry certificate, please keep it properly;
5. Competitors are required to wear a badge when they enter the stage. Players without a badge will be disqualified. If you lose your entry certificate, you can reissue it at the information desk with your QR code and your identity card. The reissue fee is 10 yuan.
Third, the competition admission
1. Non-participants and staff are not allowed to enter the venue;
2. All areas of the game need to wear the game admission voucher to enter. All players, companions and spectators are required to properly keep their own vouchers after completing the check-in; the admission vouchers are the individual identification of players entering each functional area of the game. One person Do not transfer a certificate. The consequences of the transfer shall be borne by me, such as being unable to participate in the competition.
About the competition
1. Players must ensure that the Rubik's cube used meets the requirements of the WCA rules and is ready to participate, otherwise they will be disqualified from participating in the project;
2. Recovery time limit: If the player's single recovery time exceeds this time limit, the current recovery will be recorded as DNF, and the referee has the right to suspend the recovery;
3. Passing line: For the five times of restoration (such as one-handed, magic watch, SQ speed screw, etc.), the player must enter the passing line at least once before the five times of restoring, otherwise there is no chance of restoring three times later;
4. Players should exercise self-discipline and respect the game in the arena, do not make loud noises, do not damage public property, and do not affect others;
5. After entering the arena, please consciously mute your phone and turn off the flash of the camera and other equipment to watch the race civilizedly;
6. Any organization and individual without the permission of the organizing committee may not conduct publicity activities such as data distribution, material posting and live video broadcasting in the arena;
7. No political symbols (such as the national flag) are allowed on the field. Thanks to all players, companions and the audience for their cooperation;
8. The currently announced competition schedule is the expected schedule. After registration, the number of participants in each event will be fine-tuned (the order of the events will be kept as unchanged as possible). In addition, the number of advancements will be adjusted accordingly. Please pay attention to the coarse cake network.
V. Awards
1. The top three players in each event receive prizes and certificates;
2. Winners need to participate in the competition before they can receive awards (certificates, medals, and prizes). Others can only receive certificates on their behalf, not prizes. Winners who do not attend the award ceremony are deemed to have given up the prize.

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