Xiamen Spring 2020-Travel

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Travel Info
Xiamen North Station: Metro Line 1: Xiamen North Station Subway Station Exit-3 (to Zhenhai Road)-Take 15 stops-Get off at Luye Subway Station, then transfer to Metro Line 2: Luye Subway Station ( To Wuyuanwan)-Take 6 stops-get off at the Software Park Phase 2 subway station, walk for about 300 meters, and change to bus line 68: Luling Road Hejing Bus Station (toward Guanyinshan Operation Center)- —Take 5 stops—Get off at Guanyinshan Commercial Street bus stop, walk for about 450 meters to reach, and walk for reference to Gaode map. A taxi is about 88 yuan.

Xiamen Station: Railway Station Bus Station: Take (Express 7 / Express 2 / Express 1 / Express 8 Express Peak Line / Express 3 / K3)-Take 4 stops-Dongfang Mountain Village Bus Station, change Take bus line 58 (toward Guanyinshan Dream World)-take 13 stops-get off at Guanyinshan Commercial Street bus stop, walk for about 450 meters to reach, and refer to the Gaode map for the walking part. A taxi is about 34 yuan.

Gaoqi Airport Terminal T3: Walk 1.5 kilometers to Taikoo Dormitory Bus Station, take D7 (toward Guanyinshan Business District)-take 5 stops-get off at Guanyinshan Business District Bus Station, walk about 600 meters to arrive, walk Refer to Gaode map navigation. A taxi is about 50 yuan.

Takasaki Airport Terminal T4: about 39 yuan by taxi

Option 1: Take the bus stop at Terminal T4 (Route 949/948/992)-take 9 stops-walk about 350 meters from Dongmen Bus Station of Software Park to Dinghe Bus Station (Route 28/401 / (Route 127)-Take 2 stops-get off at Taitung Station bus stop and walk for about 700 meters to reach. For the walking part, please refer to Gaode map for navigation.

Option 2: Take bus 948 at the T4 bus station (toward the exhibition center bus station)-take 11 stops-walk about 250 meters from Xiangshan Haijingyuan bus station to Xiangshan Haijingyuan bus station and transfer to 68 (to Guanyin To the direction of Shan operation center)

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