Zhengzhou Open 2019-Regulations

WCA Competition
This competition is recognized as an official World Cube Association competition. Therefore, all competitors should be familiar with the WCA regulations.
1. Players should read these rules carefully before enrolling. Completing the enrolling procedure is regarded as accepting the rules of the competition, understanding the procedure of enrolling in the competition, the cost of the competition and the cost of watching the competition.

2. These rules are formulated in accordance with the actual situation of most WCA competitions in China and the key points in the WCA rules. However, the full WCA rules are not listed in length. Therefore, it is still recommended that the competitors read the complete WCA rules carefully and take the original English version as the standard. Simplified Chinese translation is for reference only.

I. About Registration

1. The registration of the competition should be completed during the registration period (from 0:00 on April 21 to 12:00 on May 16). The number of registered places is 120. The registration is not accepted after the deadline and the on-site registration is not accepted.

Enrolment requires players to register on the Muffin Cube China website: https://cubingchina.com/registerWCA ID query: https://cubingchina.com/results/person

2. Competitors withdraw: Competitors can withdraw from the competition within the specified date after registration. The deadline for withdrawal is 0:00 on May 8. After completing the withdrawal, the registration fee will be refunded by 50%. The participants will not be able to register for the competition again.

3. Project Supplementary Report: Competitors can complete the project supplement by themselves through the function of "Project Supplementary" of the rough cake network. The cost of the project supplement and the handling fees that may appear in the process are borne by the competitors.

Two. Sign in

Players must sign in at a specified time. They must sign in by themselves, not by others.

Players themselves need to show the original of their identity cards (ID card, household registration book, passport, Taipei ID card, Home Return card).

At the time of signing in, the competitor will receive the entry card. Please keep it properly.

Players must wear their entry cards when they compete on stage, and those who do not have them will lose their entry qualifications.

3. Competition Entry

1. Competition rest area, Hussein area and competition area need to wear admission vouchers before entering. All competitors and accompanying personnel are requested to keep their admission vouchers properly after completing the check-in.

2. Entrance vouchers are the individual signs of the players entering the rest area, the Hussein area and the competition area. One person and one certificate should not be transferred. The consequences of the transfer should be borne by the players themselves, such as the inability to participate in the competition.

3. Competition attendants must be accompanied by a spectator card. Players under the age of 18 can be accompanied by a parent. Players from each training institution can be accompanied by two team leaders.

If there are other accompanying needs, please inform the organizer before the end of registration.

IV. About Competition

1. Players should ensure that the cube used meets the requirements of WCA rules and prepare for the competition, otherwise they will be disqualified from participating in the project.

2. Please bring your own Blindfold for the three-blind players. The sponsor does not provide blindly twisted Blindfold for borrowing.

3. Restore time limit: If the player's single restore time exceeds that time limit, the restore will be recorded as DNF, and the referee has the right to suspend the restore.

Pass Line: refers to the first two times of a contestant's five restorations, he or she must enter the pass line at least once, otherwise there will be no chance of restoring the next three times (the first time of three restoring projects enters the pass line will have the second chance of restoring).

4. Players should be self-disciplined and respectful of the competition in the arena. They should not make much noise, destroy public property and affect others. Please silence your mobile phone and turn off the flash of camera and other equipment consciously after entering the arena.

Any organization or individual without the permission of the organizer shall not conduct propaganda activities such as material distribution or material posting on the venue. Senior anchors will be invited to conduct live video broadcasting throughout the competition.

No political symbols (such as the national flag) are allowed to appear on the court. Thank you all for your cooperation with the audience.

V. Competition Awards

The top six prizes and prizes will be awarded, the third-tier children's group won the second place, the third-tier women's group won the second place, and the third-tier newcomers group won the second place.

The results of the third-tier children's group, women's group and newcomers'group are based on the results of the preliminary competition of the third-tier events.

The children's group is those who are under 12 years old on the day of the competition, that is, those who were born at 0:00 on May 26, 2007 and later.

Newcomers are the first WCA contestants.

Awards, medals and prizes will be awarded to the runners-up.

Prize winners need to participate in this competition before they can receive prizes (certificates, medals, prizes). Others can only receive certificates and medals on behalf of others, but not on behalf of prizes. Winners who fail to attend the award ceremony are deemed to have given up the award.

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