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DateCompetition NameProvinceCityVenue
2020-01-19WCA CompetitionJieyang Winter 2020
GuangdongJieyangSouth of East Xinyang Road, West of Lianhua Avenue, Rongcheng District
2020-01-18JiaShan Youth 2020ZhejiangJiaxingReport Hall, 2nd Floor, Comprehensive Building, Jiashan Museu, Jiashan County
2020-01-18Chenzhou New Year 2020
HunanChenzhouNo.20 Primary School Library, No.4, Xiangxue Road, Beihu District
2020-01-11WCA CompetitionOrdos Winter 2020
Inner MongoliaOrdosReport Hall, Ordos City Library, No.22, Yijinhuoluo East Street, Kangbashi District
2020-01-05Dalian Winter Children's and University Rubik's Cube Open 2020
LiaoningDalianA1-306, South Gate, Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information, No.8, Software Park Road, Ganjingzi District
2020-01-01WCA CompetitionXi'an New Year 2020
ShaanxiXi'anBanquet Hall on the First Floor of Nanfang Hotel, 15 Bianban Street, Xincheng District
2020-01-01Nanping Exchange 2020
FujianNanpingConcert Hall, Nanping High School, No.58, Huanchengnan Road, Nanping, Fujian
2019-12-22WCA CompetitionTaiyuan Winter 2019ShanxiTaiyuanAuditorium, 2nd Flood, Meilehui Supermarket, Taiyuan City Vocational College, Jiufeng Road, Jiancaoping District
2019-12-22WCA CompetitionHarbin Open 2019HeilongjiangHarbinLecture hall of university student activity center, 4th floor, Yifengyuan, Northeast Forestry University, No.26, Hexing Road, Xiangfang District
2019-12-22Zhengzhou Winter 2019
HenanZhengzhouMeeting Room, 6th Floor, Building C, Beilin Campus, Henan University of Animal Husbandry and Economy, Beilin Road, Jinshui District
2019-12-21~22WCA CompetitionShaoxin Open 2019ZhejiangShaoxingRoom B, 2nd Floor, Osden Hotel, No. 288, Paozhong Road, Yuecheng District
2019-12-21WCA CompetitionNanchang Winter 2019JiangxiNanchangThe 1st floor, Rongchuangmao, No.666, Nanlongpan Street, Honggutan New District
2019-12-21Shanghai Colleges League Winter 2019
ShanghaiYangpuStudents' Plaza, 1st floor of Guanghua Tower, Fudan University, No.220, Handan Road, Yangpu District
2019-12-15WCA CompetitionNEU Open 2019LiaoningShenyangRoom Einstein, 4th Floor, Building Tongfangguangchang, No.96, Sanhao Street, Heping District
2019-12-15WCA CompetitionNingbo Footsteps 2019ZhejiangNingboEgret Hall, 2nd Floor, Ningbo University Guest House, No. 818, Fenghua Road, Jiangbei District
2019-12-15Wuhan University League 2019HubeiWuhanNo.1178, Heping Avenue, Wuchang District
2019-12-14Yongjia Teenager 2019ZhejiangWenzhouRoom 103B, Aijia 2112 Yanhe Road, Oubei Town, Yongjia County
2019-12-08WCA CompetitionWuxi Winter 2019JiangsuWuxiGymnasium, Jiangnan University, No.1800, Lihu Road, Binhu District
2019-12-08WCA CompetitionBignBlind Guangzhou 2019GuangdongGuangzhouMulti-purpose room on the 3rd floor, No. 81 Xingyuan Street, Jiangnanxi Road, Haizhu District
2019-12-08Quanzhou Children and College Open 2019FujianQuanzhouTeacher Development Center, Quanzhou Information Engineering College, No.235 Bodong Road, Fengze District
2019-12-07~08WCA CompetitionBeijing Winter 2019BeijingFengtaiMeihuayuan 2F, Dahongmen International Convention & Exhibition Center, No.138 Yongwaigaozhuang
2019-12-07Bay Autumn Challenge 2019ShanghaiFengxianActibity Center, East China University of Science and Technology, No.999, Haisi Road
2019-12-01WCA CompetitionXiamen Winter 2019FujianXiamenHuaqiao University Student Activity Center, No. 668 Jimei Avenue, Jimei District
2019-12-01Shanxi Winter Youth Cube Open 2019ShanxiTaiyuanTaiyuan Institute of Technology Student Style Center, No. 2 North Lane, Yingxin Street
2019-11-30Xi'an College League 2019ShaanxiXi'anReception Room, Dream Town, Changan College Town, Xifeng Road, Changan District
2019-11-24WCA CompetitionXuzhou Winter 2019JiangsuXuzhouVolleyball Gym, Quanshan Campus, Jiangsu Normal University, No.101 Shanghai Road, Tongshan District
2019-11-23~24WCA CompetitionEzhou Open 2019HubeiEzhouThe Conference Hall, Yulongjin Hotel, No.82 Gucheng South Road, Echeng District
2019-11-23Lanzhou University League Cube 2018GansuLanzhouUniversity Student Activity Center, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, 88 Anning West Road, Anning District
2019-11-23Hangzhou University Cube League 2019ZhejiangHangzhouSunshine Hall, Zhejiang University of Technology, No.18, Chao Wang Road, Xiacheng District
2019-11-23Heibei University Union Cube League 2019HebeiShijiazhuangLecture Group 102, New Campus Of Hebei University Of Science And Technology, No. 26, Yuxiang Street, Yuhua District
2019-11-17WCA CompetitionZibo Open 2019ShandongZiboLecture Hall of Music Academy, Shandong University of Technology, No.266, Xincun road, Zhangdian Distric
2019-11-10Yangquan Open 2019ShanxiYangquanHall, B1, Binhe New World Commercial Square, Taobei East Street, Downtown
2019-11-10Shenzhen Children's Day 2019GuangdongShenzhen309, Pingan Road, Longgang District
2019-11-09~10WCA CompetitionHangzhou Autumn 2019ZhejiangHangzhouZhigu International Talent Exchange Center, Building No.6, Xinhe Lianchuang Park, No.36 Jiuhuan Road, Jianggan District
2019-11-09~10WCA CompetitionChengdu Winter 2019SichuanChengduAcademic Report Hall, Academic Exchange Center, Chengdu University, No.1, Shilingshang Street, Longquanyi District
2019-11-03WCA CompetitionNanjing Autumn 2019JiangsuNanjingTongxi Art Gallery, 6th Floor, Hongyang Jiaju, No.1222 Shuanglong Avenue, Jiangning District
2019-10-27WCA CompetitionZhongshan NxN Speedcubing 2019GuangdongZhongshanMeeting Room on 2F, Zhongshan Workers Culture Palace, No. 8, Xingzhong Road, Shiqi District
2019-10-27WCA CompetitionLanzhou Autumn 2019GansuLanzhouBoya Hall, 5th Floor, Library, Lanzhou City College, No.11, Jiefang Road, Liujiabao Street, Anning District
2019-10-27HCUCU Autumn Open 2019HenanZhengzhouLecture Hall Of Mathematics And Statistics College, Zhengzhou University, No.100, Science Avenue, Zhongyuan District
2019-10-26~27WCA CompetitionChangsha Autumn 2019HunanChangshaReport Hall Of Science And Technology, Yuntang Campus, Changsha University Of Science And Technology, No. 960, Wanjiali South Road, Yuhua District
2019-10-20WCA CompetitionTianjin Autumn 2019TianjinHedongMeeting Room , 4F, Datong Club Hotel, Shishang Garden, Hongxing Road East, Zhonghuan Line, Hedong District
2019-10-20WCA CompetitionLuoyang Open 2019HenanLuoyang7th Floor of Yumei Landscape Hotel, No. 5 Zhongzhou Road, Old Town
2019-10-19WCA CompetitionNanning Open 2019GuangxiNanningShengde Auditorium, Dikai Yuren Children's School, No. 28 Zhenhua Road, Xixiangtang District
2019-10-19WCA CompetitionShanghai Open 2019ShanghaiPutuoThe tennis court on second floor, Putuo gymnasium, No.400, Caoyang Road, Putuo District
2019-10-19Shanghai Youth Cube Competition 2019ShanghaiPudongDeren Children Dance Room, 3rd Floor, Tomson Haoting Property, No. 76, Lane 50, Guanglan Road, New Pudong District
2019-10-13WCA CompetitionWuhan Autumn 2019HubeiWuhanChaoman International Hotel, No.408, Gaoxin Street, Hongshan District
2019-10-06WCA CompetitionYunnan Open 2019YunnanKunmingMeeting Hall on F2, Gushen Hotel, Building 2 at Shilin Streets, Business Center, University Town, Chenggong District
2019-10-06WCA CompetitionXiamen Autumn 2019FujianXiamenThe Meeting Room, 4th floor, Xiamen Verona Hotel, No. 68 Dacuoshan Road, Siming District
2019-10-04~05WCA CompetitionShandong Open 2019ShandongJinanLuneng Hall, Hilton Hotel, No. 2888 Erhuan South Road, Shizhong District
2019-10-03~05Henan Lingbao Cube Invitational Tournament 2019HenanSanmenxiaPublic area in front of the Guanlou Building, Hangu Pass Ancient Culture Tourism Zone, Wangduo Village, Hangu Pass Town, Lingbao City
2019-10-01Xiaoshan Rubik's Cube Open 2019ZhejiangHangzhouMultifunctional Hall, 4th Floor, Zhongying Hilton Hotel, No.107, Jinchen Road, Xiaoshan District
2019-09-28Datong Open 2019ShanxiDatongDatong Library, Wenying North Road, Pingcheng District
2019-09-22WCA CompetitionXinxiang Open 2019HenanXinxiangFirst Floor, Conference Center, Jiuzhou Hotel, No.12, Pingyuan Road, Weibin District, Xinxiang City, Henan Province
2019-09-21~22WCA CompetitionShenzhen Open 2019GuangdongShenzhenConference Hall on 4th floor, Four Points by Sheraton Shenzhen, No.5 Guihua Road, Futian District
2019-09-21Suzhou Autumn Open 2019JiangsuSuzhouG13W, Central Building, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, No. 111, Ren'ai Road, Dushu Lake Higher Education Town, Suzhou Industrial Park
2019-09-14Zhoushan Open 2019ZhejiangZhoushanReport Hall, Second Floor Of Action Center, Zhejiang Ocean University Donghai Science And Technology College, No.18 Haiyuan Road
2019-08-25WCA CompetitionQuanzhou Open 2019FujianQuanzhouAuditorium of Donghai Bay Experimental School, No. 1 Jiaji North Road, Donghai Street, Fengze District
2019-08-24~25WCA CompetitionShenzhen Cubing 10th Anniversary 2019GuangdongShenzhenConference Hall on 1st Floor, Venue A, Area B, China Asia ETC, No.22 Gangtou Road, Shajing Street, Baoan District
2019-08-24~25WCA CompetitionXi'an 10th Anniversary 2019ShaanxiXi'anBanquet Hall, 3rd Floor, Forest City Hotel, No.9, Juhuayuan Road, East Avenue, Beiling District
2019-08-18WCA CompetitionZhanjiang Open 2019GuangdongZhanjiangConference Room on the 10th Floor of Zhanjiang Machinery Industry Science and Technology Building, 13 Yuejin Road
2019-08-18WCA CompetitionNingxia Open 2019NingxiaYinchuanThe hall, Qinshui Sports Center, NO.35, Qinshui South Street, Jinfeng Distrit
2019-08-17~18Jiangyin Open 2019JiangsuWuxiYaohan Chengxing, No.195-197, Huashan Road, Jiangyin
2019-08-17~18Guangzhou Students Cubing Tournament 2019GuangdongFoshanJinshazhou Wanda Plaza, Middle Section of Jianshe Avenue, Nanhai District
2019-08-17WCA CompetitionUrumqi Open 2019XinjiangUrumqiConference Room, 3rd Floor, Torch Hotel, No.55 Gaoxin Street
2019-08-17Yichun Early Autumn 2019JiangxiYichunBanquet Hall, 2F, Yichun Mingyue Hotel, No.456, Ping'an Road, Yuanzhou District
2019-08-11WCA CompetitionJieyang Open 2019GuangdongJieyangSouth of East Xinyang Road, West of Lianhua Avenue, Rongcheng District
2019-08-11WCA CompetitionBaoji Open 2019ShaanxiBaojiXifu Hotel Conference Hall, No.56, Zhongshan West Road, Jintai District
2019-08-10~11WCA CompetitionWuxi Open 2019JiangsuWuxiMeeting Room, 4th Floor, Jinshi Business Hotel, No.299 Guanshan Road, Binhu District
2019-08-10Huangshi Open 2019HubeiHuangshiReport Hall of Huangshi Library, 15 Guanghui Road, Xiashan District
2019-08-10Pingliang Open 2019GansuPingliang1F, Jingdingshidai Plaza, No.118, Beihou Street, Kongtong District
2019-08-04WCA CompetitionSuzhou Open 2019JiangsuSuzhouThe Laixiufang Theatre, Suzhou High School, No. 699 Renmin Road
2019-08-04WCA CompetitionDongguan Summer 2019GuangdongDongguanGuangda Diwang Square, No. 8 Dongzhong Ave., Guancheng District
2019-08-03WCA CompetitionTaizhou Open 2019ZhejiangTaizhouConference Room, Huamei International Hotel, 385 Zhonghua North Road, Wenling
2019-08-03Qingyang Rubik's Cube Open 2019GansuQingyangFirst floor lobby, Haoxin Times Square, No.21, South Street, Xifeng District
2019-07-28Fuzhou Children's Cube 2019FujianFuzhou3rd Floor, EMMA Hotel, No.88, Jiaotong Road, Taijiang District
2019-07-26~28WCA CompetitionChina Championship 2019AnhuiHefeiPlatinum Hanjue Hotel, No.5111 Huizhou Avenue, Baohe District
2019-07-21WCA CompetitionMeizhou Open 2019GuangdongMeizhouAtrium on ground floor, Red Star Macalline Shopping Mall, Jianying Avenue, Meixian District
2019-07-21WCA CompetitionHeze Open 2019ShandongHezeThe 3rd floor, The Millennium Building, No.1098, Shuanghe Road, Mudan District
2019-07-21WCA CompetitionLongyan Open 2019FujianLongyanMeeting Room 606, 6th Floor, Macalline, No.93, Zhongxing Road, Xinluo District
2019-07-21Qidong Open 2019JiangsuNantongCity Exhibition Hall, Daming Mansion, Biguiyuan, No.1188, Renmin West Road, Qidong
2019-07-20~21Wuxi Summer 2019JiangsuWuxiMaoye Time Square, No.618, Zhongshan Road, Liangxi District
2019-07-20Puning Open 2019GuangdongJieyangFloor A, Block 7, Intersection of North Road and Quanta North Road, Puning
2019-07-14Wuwei Open 2019GansuWuweiWanda Plaza, No.318, Yingbin Road, Liangzhou District
2019-07-14Cubing Heat in Guangzhou 2019GuangdongGuangzhou2nd Floor, Gymnasium, Middle School Affiliated to South China Normal University, No.1, West Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe District
2019-07-14Luoyang Summer Students Open 2019HenanLuoyangScience Popularization Hall, 2nd Floor, Luoyang Science and Technology Museum, No. 2 Nanchang Road, West Anhui District
2019-07-14Golmud Rubik's Cube League 2019QinghaiHaixiMiddle Hall, 1st Floor, Shibang City Plaza, No.28 Chaidamu Middle Road, Golmud City, Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture
2019-07-13~14WCA CompetitionHuZhou Open 2019ZhejiangHuzhouMultifunctional Hall of Deqing College, Zhejiang Radio and Television University, No.1235, Wuyang Street, Deqing
2019-07-13Jiaojiang Open 2019ZhejiangTaizhouXiandaitiandi Market Hall, Tianhe Road, Jiaojiang District
2019-07-07~08Reunion of Graduation Season Competition 2019JiangsuNanjingBig Hall, Second Floor, Hongyi Building, High School Affiliated to Nanjing University, No.83, Gulou Street, Gulou District
2019-07-07WCA CompetitionLinfen Open 2019ShanxiLinfenAuditorium, Fenghua Characteristic School, No. 19, Fortune Tower South Street
2019-06-30WCA CompetitionMaoming Open 2019GuangdongMaomingWest Guangdong Business Startup & Innovation Incubation Base, No. 312 Youcheng 3rd Rd., Maonan District
2019-06-30WCA CompetitionShijiazhuang Open 2019HebeiShijiazhuangThird Floor, Shijiazhuang People's Hall, No.211, Zhongshan East Road, Chang'an District
2019-06-30WCA CompetitionShenyang Open 2019LiaoningShenyangGrand Ballroom, Maritim Hotel, 168 Datonghu Street, Yuhong District
2019-06-29Dalian Open 2019LiaoningDalianA1-306, South Gate, Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information, No.8, Software Park Road, Ganjingzi District
2019-06-22~23WCA CompetitionHefei Summer 2019AnhuiHefeiGymnasium of Hefei No.6 High School (North Campus), No. 252, Shouchun Road
2019-06-16WCA CompetitionSpecial Puzzles in Guangzhou 2019GuangdongGuangzhouMulti-purpose room on the 3rd floor, Guangzhou Nanwu Middle School, No. 81 Xingyuan Street, Jiangnanxi Rd., Haizhu District
2019-06-15WCA CompetitionPlease Be Quiet Beijing 2019BeijingDongchengRoom 210, Tiandujinggang Build, No.13, Zhushikou East Street