Call for Applicants - WQAC Members (November 2019)

2019-12-04 20:34 Tianyu Zhao

The WCA Quality Assurance Committee (WQAC) is seeking new members to help them with their mission! Applications are open to everyone and community members not currently holding a WCA position are encouraged to apply.

What does the WQAC do?
The WQAC is responsible for developing and ensuring quality standards within the WCA. This includes producing educational material for the WCA Community and ensuring that Staff Members throughout the organization maintain the required skills for their positions. The WQAC will be highly involved in the work that WCA Delegates perform and will look into quality concerns in various communities.

The official rights and duties of the WQAC are documented in WCA Motion 10.2019.4.

Applicants are expected to have:
- Strong attention to detail and practical thinking
- Good knowledge of how competitions are organized and run.
- Collaboration skills and responsiveness
- Ability to discuss reasoning and ideas

The application period is open for applicants to submit their application document from now until December 31st, 2019, 23:59 UTC to the WCA Board (

The application document must be in PDF format, and should include the following:
- A brief personal introduction
- Summary of activities done within the WCA
- Motivation for applying to join the WQAC

Applicants can expect a reply to confirm the receipt of the application, and may later receive a request to be interviewed. Anyone with questions about applying can contact the WCA Board (

After the application period, the WQAC Leader will make a selection and the new members will be announced once applicants have accepted the positions.

Thank you for your interest in assisting the WQAC and the WCA!