Lukas Shelley wins China Championship 2019

2019-07-31 14:45 Ming Zheng

Lukas Shelley won the China Championship 2019 with an average of 7.29 seconds. Weihao Kong (孔维浩) finished second (7.60 seconds) and Yunliang Zhang (张赟量) finished third (7.72 seconds).
Full results are on the Cubing China page.
Asia records: Yuxin Cai (蔡羽欣) Skewb 2.43 seconds (average).
China records: Yunliang Zhang (张赟量) Megaminx 32.19 seconds (single), Junliang Huang (黄骏亮) 5x5x5 Cube 51.69 seconds (average).
Hong Kong records: Ivan Li Ka Leong (李嘉亮) 3x3x3 Cube 5.52 seconds (single), Wong Kin Lok (黃健樂) Pyraminx 2.40 seconds (single).
Mongolia records: Amarsanaa Enkhbaatar Pyraminx 1.96 seconds (single), Pyraminx 3.45 seconds (average), Zayabaatar Batbayr Skewb 4.09 seconds (average).