Year End Message 2019

2020-01-01 14:17 Tianyu Zhao

Dear WCA Community,

We had another successful year of cubing and developing the WCA as an organization in 2019! We would like to take this moment to share the highlights of what we have accomplished this year with all of your help.

WCA competitions were introduced to eight new countries and there were over 27,750 new people who competed officially for the first time. This year, our competitors broke barriers and achieved 61 world records, 205 continental records, and 3,760 national records.

On the organizational side, the WCA continued to evolve and make changes to benefit our staff and competitors. The WCA Data Protection Committee and WCA Executive Assistant Team were created to address the implications of the GDPR and to assist the WCA Board with their administrative tasks. Regional Delegate positions were developed to help senior delegates better manage large areas. The WCA Competition Requirements Policy was implemented to standardize our competitions and the WCA Equipment Funding Policy was put in place to offer equipment to Delegates and Regional Organizations in communities where their own investment is hindered by financial or other hardship.

Within our Committees and Teams, there have been 21 investigations taken by the WCA Ethics Committee, more than 1,300 competitions announced by the WCA Competition Announcement Team (with an average announcement time of 21 hours from confirmation) and results for those competitions posted by the WCA Results Team (with an average delay of only 10 hours between submission and upload), and 153 posts made on Facebook and 115 posts on Instagram by the WCA Communication Team. We also appointed 43 new delegates this year!

This was the first year that the WCA collaborated with Red Bull Mind Gamers to have joint events in Spain, China, and Mexico and bring many WCA competitors to the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Cup 2019 in Russia. The WCA has also began collaborating with Guinness World Records to formally recognize WCA World Records on their website and in their books. Rubik’s made WCA World Championship 2019 possible and we are thankful for their continued support. We look forward to furthering our relationships with these organizations and others into 2020!

After the success of WCA World Championship 2019 in Melbourne, we are looking forward to coming together for the Asian, European, and North American Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Almere, Netherlands; and Toronto, Canada respectively. We could not achieve any of our goals or developments without the continued support of all who give their time to the WCA in a staff position or by organizing and competing in their communities. Thank you again for another year of success and may you have a wonderful new year!