2020-01-01 23:57 Tianyu Zhao

The Board of Directors would like to receive applications for WCA World Championship 2021.

Please discuss with the Delegates in your country whether this is something you are willing and able to pursue. Bear in mind that organizing a competition of this size takes a significant amount of time and effort before and during the competition.

If you are interested, send your application documents privately to board@worldcubeassociation.org between 00:00 UTC of January 1st, 2020 and 23:59 UTC of March 31st, 2020. Documents must be sent in PDF format in two versions: one full version with all the details for the application, and another version with sensitive details - if any - removed to make public.

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2020-01-18 19:04 Tianyu Zhao

The WCA Results Team (WRT) is looking for new devoted and trustworthy team members!

Do you like numbers? Are you the type of person quickly spotting typos or inconsistencies in restaurant menus that others miss? Does it drive you crazy when people lack precision with data? If yes, then you might be a very good fit for the WRT!

The qualities that you should bring to become a WRT member include:
- You must be very responsive and be willing to work on WRT tasks regularly.
- You should have a good sense of detail and you must be able to handle data precisely and consciously.
- Since the WRT operates on the WCA results database, you have to be a very trustworthy and reliable member of the WCA community. Ideally, you are already a WCA staff member or you have a recommendation from one.
- You should have a basic understanding of what a (relational) database is.
- Existing experience with SQL (MySQL) and programming are beneficial, but not strictly mandatory.

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2019-12-26 01:05 Tianyu Zhao

Dear WCA Community,

The WRC would like to inform you about the versions of the WCA Regulations and Guidelines, which are going into effect January 1, 2020.

You can review all changes in this comparison on GitHub. You can click on “Files changed” to see the complete files of the Regulation and Guidelines, where all changes and additions are marked green and removals are red.


  • Clock pins are allowed to be distinguishable. (commit | discussion)
  • Fewest Moves: Only the 18 basic moves, <x, y, z> rotations, and wide moves are allowed in solutions (no bracket rotations). (commit | discussion)
  • The name for "combined round" has changed to "cutoff round". (commit | discussion)


  • Required: scramble signatures. Either the scrambler or a scramble checker must certify that the puzzle is scrambled correctly for each attempt. Although competitions must make a full effort to use scramble signatures for all attempts, results cannot be disqualified solely for a missing scramble signature. (commit | commit | discussion)
  • Strongly recommended: the WCA Delegate should record a reason for each granted extra (e.g. on the back of the score sheet). (commit)
  • Strongly recommended: Organizers should attach O-rings (or equivalent) to all timer buttons to prevent accidental resets. (commit | discussion)


  • 3x3x3 With Feet will no longer be an official event. (announcement | commit | discussion)
  • Fewest Moves solutions are considered public. (commit | discussion)
  • Multi-Blind: If a duplicate cube is found and during an attempt, the cube may be re-scrambled using an extra scramble. (commit | discussion)
  • Clock stands may be used to place the Clock vertically at the solving station at the beginning of the attempt. (commit | discussion)

2020-01-21 15:28 Ming Zheng

Zibo Xu (徐子博) won the Jieyang Winter 2020 with an average of 7.01 seconds. Zijian Cai (蔡子健) finished second (7.40 seconds) and Yuxuan Guo (郭雨轩) finished third (8.28 seconds).
Full results are on the Cubing China page.
China records: Zibo Xu (徐子博) 3x3x3 One-Handed 11.31 seconds (average).
Hong Kong records: Antonio Kam Ho Tung (甘浩東) 3x3x3 One-Handed 11.53 seconds (average), Antonio Kam Ho Tung (甘浩東) 3x3x3 One-Handed 9.91 seconds (single).