2019-04-01 01:24 Tianyu Zhao

The WCA and Red Bull Mind Gamers have reached a deal in which the WCA will be collaborating with the Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Cup 2019 series. We are looking for communities that would like to host these joint events. 

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2019-03-26 20:02 Ming Zheng

Yusheng Du (杜宇生) won the GDSY Open 2019 with an average of 8.08 seconds. Mulun Yin (阴目仑) finished second (8.44 seconds) and Yuxuan Guo (郭雨轩) finished third (8.50 seconds).
Full results are on the Cubing China page.
World records: Suen Ming Chi (孫銘志) Clock 3.29 seconds (single).
Hong Kong records: Ivan Li Ka Leong (李嘉亮) 2x2x2 Cube 1.98 seconds (average), Wong Kin Lok (黃健樂) 7x7x7 Cube 2:19.01 (average), Suen Ming Chi (孫銘志) Clock 5.04 seconds (average), Wong Kin Lok (黃健樂) 6x6x6 Cube 1:29.32 (single).